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Grandes Portes is an expert in the field of bivouacs, organizations and manufacturing accessories, including nomad tent manufacturing nomad tent rental and tent Caidal , in this context we offer our customers tents of high quality with reasonable prices, for that, your designs, your measurements and your suggestions will be welcome, we will guarantee you complete work with such comfort and elegance, as we have always believed that this profession is a pure art !! For all types of camping tents, we will be your preferred address, so we will answer all your expectations.

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Grandes Portes offers a choice of tents for camping. Tents good quality with best price.


We offer all types of tents, our watchwords are maximum comfort with a reasonable price !! With us you can rent a tent that will please you …. tents to enjoy your camp, we also have light and sturdy tents of different sizes. Any idea or suggestion decoration dimension of our customers will be welcome, we are at your disposal to meet your needs.

Planning &

Grandes Portes offers a variety of programs and locations to bivouac: desert, mountain, city … beautiful well decorated tents, inside rooms or outdoors, especially to offer you a warm atmosphere and a change of scenery. The tents are furnished inside depending on their use, either accommodation or catering, their decoration is sublime and the atmosphere is enchanting. Land development permits to live in harmony with nature in the four seasons. We organize mobile bivouacs depending on the location you desire, in all places and cities of the kingdom. During the placement of tents, we take into consideration the imperatives of security and weather conditions (wind, rain, cold ..). We offer you a Moroccan tent Berber tent, caidale all these tents are an excellent place that will organize your collection in a friendly par excellence. All these tents have become a pure and clear sign of nobility being the ideal setting for large receptions.