Mobile Bivouac Morocco Marrakech - Marrakech bivouac


Organizing a camp, it is not only to bring order. This is to give life to your event we aim to make your ordinary day extraordinary year event.

Types de bivouacs:

The bivouac Marrakech is not only a place to stay or a place of shelter, it is an image of a culture that values its origins, true to its roots. The Mobile bivouac Morocco Marrakech is an art of living according to softer standard for simplicity, where the wedding colors and generations offers an array of original life.

Bivouac Nomade

It keeps life traits nomads with an advantage of comfort and quietness compared to single camp, which certain is that you will enjoy this lifestyle where calm places ally faint sound of the desert to compose a natural symphony.

Bivouac VIP

A room outsized which all conditions of sublime relaxation will be in place, you will feel the pleasure to belong to this great adventure, moments that will be penciled in your memory … you will have your bathroom … please do so !!!

Luxury Bivouac

Sleeping in our luxury camp means bathing in comfort and pleasure, you will discover that life is merely a moment of relaxation, we offer a suite that exceeds your imagination and delight your expectations !!!


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